Each pair of shoes are hand made by a single craftsman, using the traditional footwear construction technique, referred to as Blake Rapid, favoured by luxury Italian footwear artisans. This technique is a combination of the Blake and Goodyear methods to minimise weight and provide flexibility and comfort for the wearer; at the same time its waterproofing qualities prevent ground moisture from wicking into the interior of the shoe.

NOTA shoes can be re-soled multiple times by reputable cobblers – by taking great care to maintain the leather upper, through regular polishing and cleaning, NOTA shoes will serve you for many years to come.


NOTA’s signature outer soles are painstakingly hand painted using a trademark brushing technique. The outer soles will wear naturally over time, and the colour will fade as you continue to wear the shoes – products can be purchased to protect the colour of the outer sole if you so wish.